Our Team

Our People

AMMA Transit Planning offers a vigorous combination of big and small. Our small core team reflects experience, promises careful attention to our clients’ challenges, and balances provider and consumers requirements in seeking creative approaches to improve mobility. Meet our core team members:

Heather Menninger



With more than 25 years of experi­ence, Ms. Menninger is familiar with all aspects of implementing transit service improvements with particular emphasis on community-level transit programs for small urban and rural settings. She has published various papers, including two in the Trans­portation Research Record regarding paratransit demand estimation, and on innovation in rural and small urban settings with… read more

Roy Glauthier



Mr. Glauthier brings more than 35 years of experience in public transit and paratransit operations and a wide national consulting portfolio ranging from the very largest transit agencies to the smallest of local services. This broad exposure to transit and paratransit allows him to apply experienced, tested insight into transit management, vehicle operations, fiscal planning and a deep knowledge of third-party contracting structures…read more

Dennis Brooks



Mr. Brooks brings to AMMA his strengths of qualitative analysis and strategic thinking and planning. His deliber­ative focus lends to much of AMMA’s project development and financial planning. Mr. Brooks’ organizational capabilities involve understanding and translating…read more




Ms. Mackintosh is a writer and public outreach facili­ta­tor bringing cultural competency and sensi­tivity to AMMA’s public participation work with diverse populations. Her strong analytic skills and atten­tion to the value of procedures serve her well in develop­ing Title VI programs for transit programs… read more

Mervin Acebo


Mr. Acebo has worked at several public agencies including Omnitrans, the Riverside Transit Agency, and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). When employed at SCAG, his experience in public transportation allowed him to assist transit operators in Southern California…read more

Partners & Associates

Our core team draws from AMMA’s Partner Associates for each project, melding just the right skill set for each project. These individuals bring unique backgrounds, significant academic training and tested partnering with AMMA built from many years of association. Together our dedicated and responsive core team, coupled with the niche expertise of our Partner Associates, ensures the right team to make your project a success.

  • Selena Barlow


    Ms. Barlow’s well-honed transit marketing expertise enables transit systems to better communicate what their systems offer, working across the country to make public transportation more accessible, easier to use and more attractive to enumerable… READ MORE

  • Elizabeth Ellis, AICP


    Ms. Ellis, of the KFH Group, Inc., brings national-level experience in operations and research in rural transit, public paratransit and specialized transport for older adults and persons with disabilities… READ MORE

  • Dan Boyle


    With over 30 years experience in fixed-route operations and service planning, Mr. Boyle brings a combination of practice and research to improved efficiency and performance of public transportation… READ MORE

  • Cliff Chambers


    An expert in developing community-oriented mobility services, Mr. Chambers works with a family of services, utilizing the most appropriate mode to meet market needs… READ MORE

  • Roger Teal, Ph.D


    Dr. Teal has substantial experience in systems and application design. His areas of expertise include scheduling systems, systems analysis, applications design, transportation systems, and data analysis… READ MORE

  • Aaron Antrim

    Web-based Communications

    Mr. Antrim develops state-of-the art technology techniques for delivering transit information on the internet to transportation agencies as they seek to provide easy-to-use transportation information… READ MORE

  • Bonar Menninger

    Grant Writer

    Bonar Menninger is an author, former reporter and long-time freelance writer with extensive experience in grant-writing, journal-writing and corporate communications. Mr. Menninger has worked on multiple… READ MORE

  • Ellen Blackman


    Ms. Blackman’s 25 years of experience in working with older adults and persons with disabilities has led to a strong skill set in training, planning, grant-writing and community involvement… READ MORE

  • John Johnson


    Mr. Johnson’s nuanced understanding of geographic information mapping tools ensures that complex data sets will visually inform and extend project findings, drawing upon his history as a practitioner and professor… READ MORE