Jacob Fritz is a young, enthusiastic transit professional who has been in the public transit industry just
short of eight years. Transit has always been a true passion of his since he was thirteen years old, growing
up on the San Diego Metro System.

Mr. Fritz is a Trapeze PASS Software expert who can teach it in his sleep. He is experienced in all aspects
of operations and transit technologies for paratransit, fixed Route, microtransit and taxi brokerage.

Mr. Frtiz has proven results for agencies and private corporations across the Southwestern United States
and the Pacific Northwest. For Riverside Transit Agency (Riverside CA), Mr. Fritz was able to drastically
improve KPI’s on all cylinders as result of new standard operating procedures he implemented. For Valley
Metro (Phoenix AZ), he improved the functionality of their ITS System for their Fixed Route Service,
improved KPI’s and implemented a field supervision program that drastically reduced the number of
customer complaints. In the City of Las Cruces New Mexico and Clallam Transit (Port Angeles WA), Mr.
Fritz implemented new SOP’s and training tailored to Trapeze PASS Software, drastically improving riders
per hour and reducing the number of bus operators required to run the service for both agencies.