Mervin Acebo

img-staff-MervinAceboMervin Acebo began his career with AMMA in 2000 and has assisted the company intermittently since that time. Since 2001, he has worked at several public agencies including Omnitrans, the Riverside Transit Agency, and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). When employed at SCAG, his experience in public transportation allowed him to assist transit operators in Southern California. He was responsible for ensuring that SCAG was compliant with the federal rules and regulations as it pertains to regional planning and programming. He was also responsible for assisting transit agencies in receiving federal funds from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

More recent assignment at SCAG included the allocating formula funds in multi-county urbanized areas. He developed a process for ensuring that federal funds would not lapse. In addition to his regulatory experience, Mr. Acebo was instrumental in the planning, design, and construction of several transit centers in the San Bernardino Valley and responsible for submitting federal, state, and local grant applications for the Riverside Transit Agency.

Selena Barlow

Selena Barlow is the owner of Transit Marketing, LLC. She began her transit career as Director of Marketing for SunTran in Tucson, AZ, and later for Metro-Dade Transit in Miami, FL. As a transit-marketing consultant, since 1988, she has worked with more than 100 transit agencies to conduct market research, develop marketing plans and support service development efforts.

Ms. Barlow works with AMMA to provide a customer focus to the planning process. Through a combination of market research, community outreach and decades of experience, Ms. Barlow insures the transit services are developed to effectively meet user and potential user needs, and hence to maximize ridership and productivity. Her expertise in market research and communications, combined with her intimate familiarity with transit planning and operations, allow her to offer creative, yet pragmatic recommendations for service development and enhancement.

Ms. Barlow’s role typically involves the use of data from passenger surveys, segmentation research, focus groups, destination data and customer experience audits to identify the service characteristics which will enhance rider satisfaction and maximize utilization of a new or existing service. She has worked with all types of services local and express bus systems, paratransit services, rail systems and rural transportation programs to help them understand their markets and to expand their customer base.

Ms. Barlow holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Arizona and a Bachelors of Science in Advertising from University of Florida.

More information about Ms. Barlow can be found at Transit Marketing‘s website.

Elizabeth Ellis, AICP

Elizabeth “Buffy” Ellis, a Senior Transportation Planner with the KFH Group, Inc, is a specialist in paratransit and transit planning and policy, needs assessment and system design, and performance evaluation. Beginning her career in 1978, she has managed numerous consulting projects for public, non‐profit, and for‐profit agencies. She brings extensive experience with specialized transportation and ADA paratransit, preparing ADA paratransit plans in the early years after the law was passed and providing consulting assistance on many and varied ADA projects since then. Ms. Ellis also brings a strong research background, serving as Principal Investigator or lead consultant on a number of TCRP and NCHRP studies. Ms. Ellis is currently the Principal Investigator of TCRP B-42 which is developing a resource for communities to improve transportation coordination and mobility options for veterans, military service members and families. AMMA Transit Planning is a subconsultant assisting with this project.

Ms. Ellis earned a Master of Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a B.A. from Boston University. She is member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Ms. Ellis has just completed two terms as Chair of the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Committee on Paratransit, among other professional activities, serving from 2005 to 2011.

More information about Ms. Ellis can be found at KFH Group‘s website.

Dan Boyle

Dan Boyle, President of Dan Boyle & Associates, Inc, works largely in operations planning, including service design, route and network structure, and scheduling.

Mr. Boyle has over 30 years of transit operations planning, consulting, and research experience. Mr. Boyle has worked as project manager on service planning and scheduling, survey analysis, contracting, labor productivity and strategic planning projects throughout the United States. Mr. Boyle also works on a long-term basis with several clients, including Greensboro Transit Authority, Orange County Transportation Authority and Laguna Beach Transit.

Mr. Boyle has analyzed fare structures and developed fare policy recommendations for numerous transit systems.  He has prepared schedules, runcuts and rosters as part of the major service planning studies. Mr. Boyle is the primary author of the new scheduling manual for the transit industry (TCRP Report 135).

Mr. holds a Master Degree in Regional Planning from Cornell University.

Mr. Boyle recently collaborated with AMMA on an Alternatives Analysis for the City of Downey Transit’s DowneyLINK service.

More information about Mr. Boyle can be found at Dan Boyle & Associates, Inc.

Cliff Chambers

Mr. Cliff Chambers, owner of Mobility Planners LLC, is an expert in developing community-oriented mobility services in rural, small-urbanized and urban areas. He has over 25 years of experience in utilizing a mobility management ethos in matching mobility services to market needs without a bias to a particular mode. Mr. Chambers utilizes his extensive financial planning skills to craft community mobility plans within available resources. Mr. Chambers has also led multidisciplinary teams to ensure that good mobility is maintained in coordinating long-term land use and transportation decisions.

Mr. Chambers has prepared over 30 short-range transit plans for communities, rural regions, and recreation destinations. He has also led or played major roles in four national research efforts from mobility management to more recently evaluating bus propulsion and fuel technologies. He regularly forms teams with collaborators to tailor the consulting effort to meet the client’s specific needs.

Mr. Chambers holds a Master degree in City and Regional Planning from U.C. Berkeley.

More information about Mr. Chambers can be found at Mobility Planners LLC.

Roger Teal, Ph.D

Dr. Roger Teal founded DemandTrans Solutions predecessor company, TWJ Consulting, in 1994 and has provided business and intellectual leadership since the company’s inception. A former tenured faculty member in the transportation systems area of Civil Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, Dr. Teal has over 30 years of experience in project management, software design and development, consulting and research. He has initiated and directed to a successful conclusion numerous projects of substantial size and complexity in the information technology and transportation fields. These include both operational systems used by organizations such as Verizon Business and British Telecom as well as web-based applications for multiple organizations or consumers, the most recent of which is a service that predicts weather-related airport delays for travelers several days in advance.

Dr. Teal has substantial experience in systems and application design, including devising optimization models for labor scheduling in the teleconferencing and demand responsive transportation industries. His areas of expertise include scheduling systems, systems analysis, applications design, transportation systems, and data analysis. Dr. Teal is the author of over 30 publications and the recipient of a patent on teleconferencing scheduling.

Dr. Teal holds a B.S. from M.I.T. in Civil Engineering, an M.S. from the University of California, Berkeley in Civil Engineering, and a Ph.D. from Tufts in Political Science.

More information about Dr. Teal can be found at DemandTrans Solutions.

Aaron Antrim

Aaron Antrim, Principal of Trillium Solutions is one of the industry’s leaders in state-of-the art techniques for delivering transit information on the internet.  He specializes in communication technology development and strategy for public transportation. Mr. Antrim has a  background in writing and language, with professional experience in software development and project management.

Trillium Solutions, helps transportation agencies use the internet to inform and market to transportation customers. Trillium builds software tools to publish to GTFS data to Google Maps and manage schedule information. Trillium also creates multi-modal transportation information resources like websites and interactive maps.

Mr. Antrim has worked extensively with small and medium sized systems to offer them the same technical passenger information solutions that only large systems once had access to.  Aaron has worked extensively in California, as well as with systems throughout the nation.

Mr. Antrim received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Humboldt State University.

Mr. Antrim recently worked with AMMA on Transit Marketing’s Transit Mobility and Awareness Plan on behalf of Trinity Transit. He was responsible for developing Trinity Transit’s new rider-focused website,

More information about Mr. Antrim can be found at Trillium Solutions.

Bonar Menninger

img-associate-BonarMenningerBonar Menninger is an author, former reporter and long-time freelance writer with extensive experience in grant-writing, journal-writing and corporate communications. Mr. Menninger has worked on multiple transportation grants, and also has produced lengthy analysis pieces for healthcare foundations in California and in the Midwest. He combines a reporter’s commitment to detail and accuracy with the ability to convey complex information in a readable and compelling fashion.

Recent work with AMMA includes grant writing and grant development assistance for Cycle 2 of the Active Transportation Program. On behalf of LA Metro and two project sponsor entities, Mr. Menninger, developed grant applications over a two-month period for projects that improved pedestrian and bike passage ways for students, older adults, and entire communities.

Mr. Menninger is a 1984 graduate of the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas. He has won numerous awards for his writing.

Ellen Blackman

Ellen Blackman has more than 20 years of experience focusing on transportation for older adults and persons with disabilities. For two years she developed a new transportation program for older adults in the greater Santa Monica area. A major part of this project-development involved community outreach and presentations to large and small groups of older adults discussing the new program and other forms of transportation available for older adults. Earlier, as a Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority employee, she initiated agency funding for the “Seniors on the Move” transit-orientation program and worked with the Los Angeles County Commission on Aging Transportation Committee in the early development of the program. In addition, she led local reviews of Section 5310 applications, provided technical assistance to agency staff on accessibility requirements, and made presentations on transportation options for seniors and persons with disabilities at workshops and meetings of these groups. She also participated on the Los Angeles County Long Term Care Coordinating Council, serving as co-chair of the Transportation Work Group. Ms. Blackman has also served as the ADA representative on Metro’s Technical Advisory Committee.

As a consultant, Ms. Blackman has assisted agencies in the preparation of applications for federal funding for capital and operating grants for transportation of older adults and persons with disabilities, participated in the development of public transit-human service transportation coordination plans, and conducted research on information needs of persons with vision disabilities using public transportation.

Ms. Blackman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Riverside and a Master of Arts in Political Science from Northwestern University.

Ms. Blackman was a lead trainer during AMMA Transit Planning’s three-year management of LA Metro’s Seniors on the Move travel training program. Surveys completed by participants a month after attending a training revealed that 71% of individuals reported at least some transit usage, with 46% of those responding reporting this as more than pre‐workshop.

Ray Araujo

img-staff-RayAraujoRay Araujo, the newest member of the AMMA Transit Planning team is our Veterans Transportation Specialist. Mr. Araujo’s background in the corporate arena, his analytical skill set and his dynamic personality make him a valuable part of our firm. Fluent in Spanish, Ray assists the AMMA team with fieldwork in intercept surveying and community outreach to Limited English proficient populations, as well as data analysis. His background in Computer Science makes him effective in all phases of data gathering, including the design of data entry forms, collection of data and its validation, loading of data, display of its content and finding and writing the narrative the data tells.

Mr. Araujo is a Marine Corps Veteran and served four years with 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, in Camp Pendleton, as well as deploying overseas with the 11th and 15th MEU’s. Ray’s military veteran background has been instrumental in providing guidance and assistance, with veteran projects and outreach, on such projects like the Veterans Transportation Initiative One-Click/One-Call, in San Bernardino and Riverside, and the Veterans and Community Living Initiative Project for Los Angeles METRO.

His supervisory experience ranges from filling the role of regional manager, in the financial sector, with support staff and over a dozen brokers under him, to small team environments where he exhibited leadership, tact and decisiveness. Mr. Araujo’s experience in intercultural communications, coupled with his Spanish fluency, allows him to engage and communicate effectively not just on veteran’s projects but with project’s involving many different cultures.

In addition to his work with AMMA, Ray is currently pursuing a Computer Science degree from San Jacinto Community College.