Selena Barlow is the owner of Transit Marketing, LLC. She began her transit career as Director of Marketing for SunTran in Tucson, AZ, and later for Metro-Dade Transit in Miami, FL. As a transit-marketing consultant, since 1988, she has worked with more than 100 transit agencies to conduct market research, develop marketing plans and support service development efforts.

Ms. Barlow works with AMMA to provide a customer focus to the planning process. Through a combination of market research, community outreach and decades of experience, Ms. Barlow insures the transit services are developed to effectively meet user and potential user needs, and hence to maximize ridership and productivity. Her expertise in market research and communications, combined with her intimate familiarity with transit planning and operations, allow her to offer creative, yet pragmatic recommendations for service development and enhancement.

Ms. Barlow’s role typically involves the use of data from passenger surveys, segmentation research, focus groups, destination data and customer experience audits to identify the service characteristics which will enhance rider satisfaction and maximize utilization of a new or existing service. She has worked with all types of services local and express bus systems, paratransit services, rail systems and rural transportation programs to help them understand their markets and to expand their customer base.

Ms. Barlow holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Arizona and a Bachelors of Science in Advertising from University of Florida.

Elizabeth “Buffy” Ellis, a Senior Transportation Planner with the KFH Group, Inc, is a specialist in paratransit and transit planning and policy, needs assessment and system design, and performance evaluation. Beginning her career in 1978, she has managed numerous consulting projects for public, non‐profit, and for‐profit agencies. She brings extensive experience with specialized transportation and ADA paratransit, preparing ADA paratransit plans in the early years after the law was passed and providing consulting assistance on many and varied ADA projects since then. Ms. Ellis also brings a strong research background, serving as Principal Investigator or lead consultant on a number of TCRP and NCHRP studies. Ms. Ellis is currently the Principal Investigator of TCRP B-42 which is developing a resource for communities to improve transportation coordination and mobility options for veterans, military service members and families. AMMA Transit Planning is a subconsultant assisting with this project.

Ms. Ellis earned a Master of Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a B.A. from Boston University. She is member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Ms. Ellis has just completed two terms as Chair of the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Committee on Paratransit, among other professional activities, serving from 2005 to 2011.

Dan Boyle, President of Dan Boyle & Associates, Inc, works largely in operations planning, including service design, route and network structure, and scheduling.

Mr. Boyle has over 30 years of transit operations planning, consulting, and research experience. Mr. Boyle has worked as project manager on service planning and scheduling, survey analysis, contracting, labor productivity and strategic planning projects throughout the United States. Mr. Boyle also works on a long-term basis with several clients, including Greensboro Transit Authority, Orange County Transportation Authority and Laguna Beach Transit.

Mr. Boyle has analyzed fare structures and developed fare policy recommendations for numerous transit systems.  He has prepared schedules, runcuts and rosters as part of the major service planning studies. Mr. Boyle is the primary author of the new scheduling manual for the transit industry (TCRP Report 135).

Mr. holds a Master Degree in Regional Planning from Cornell University.

Mr. Boyle recently collaborated with AMMA on an Alternatives Analysis for the City of Downey Transit’s DowneyLINK service.

Ronny Kraft Consulting is a sole proprietorship specializing in transportation planning, market research, and geographic information systems (GIS). Firm owner and transportation planner, Ronny Kraft, has 15 years of experience working with public sector clients to address the mobility challenges faced by many different communities throughout California. Ms. Kraft’s experience using GIS to support planning efforts is extensive. She has conducted analysis of trip patterns, including origins and destinations, for several wholistic studies that included paratransit, as well as other modes used by older adults and people with disabilties. Ms. Kraft is a skilled cartographer, using the combination of GIS and Adobe Illustrator to create clean and intuitive maps and data visualizations. She has conducted geographic analysis and produced maps for various purposes, including O/D trip analysis existing conditions, system map overhauls, proposed route realignments, commute patterns, grant proposals, and community outreach.

Jacob Fritz is a young, enthusiastic transit professional who has been in the public transit industry just
short of eight years. Transit has always been a true passion of his since he was thirteen years old, growing
up on the San Diego Metro System.

Mr. Fritz is a Trapeze PASS Software expert who can teach it in his sleep. He is experienced in all aspects
of operations and transit technologies for paratransit, fixed Route, microtransit and taxi brokerage.

Mr. Frtiz has proven results for agencies and private corporations across the Southwestern United States
and the Pacific Northwest. For Riverside Transit Agency (Riverside CA), Mr. Fritz was able to drastically
improve KPI’s on all cylinders as result of new standard operating procedures he implemented. For Valley
Metro (Phoenix AZ), he improved the functionality of their ITS System for their Fixed Route Service,
improved KPI’s and implemented a field supervision program that drastically reduced the number of
customer complaints. In the City of Las Cruces New Mexico and Clallam Transit (Port Angeles WA), Mr.
Fritz implemented new SOP’s and training tailored to Trapeze PASS Software, drastically improving riders
per hour and reducing the number of bus operators required to run the service for both agencies.

Aaron Antrim, Principal of Trillium Solutions is one of the industry’s leaders in state-of-the art techniques for delivering transit information on the internet.  He specializes in communication technology development and strategy for public transportation. Mr. Antrim has a  background in writing and language, with professional experience in software development and project management.

Trillium Solutions, helps transportation agencies use the internet to inform and market to transportation customers. Trillium builds software tools to publish to GTFS data to Google Maps and manage schedule information. Trillium also creates multi-modal transportation information resources like websites and interactive maps.

Mr. Antrim has worked extensively with small and medium sized systems to offer them the same technical passenger information solutions that only large systems once had access to.  Aaron has worked extensively in California, as well as with systems throughout the nation.

Mr. Antrim received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Humboldt State University.

Mr. Antrim recently worked with AMMA on Transit Marketing’s Transit Mobility and Awareness Plan on behalf of Trinity Transit. He was responsible for developing Trinity Transit’s new rider-focused website,

In addition to his Senior Associate position with AMMA Transit Planning, Roy Glauthier is principal of Transportation Planning and Policy. Since October 1996, Transportation Planning and Policy has provided transit and paratransit technical assistance to cities, counties and public agencies nationwide on policy, organization and operating issues, with special emphasis on ADA compliance, performance assessment and contract procurement. Direct operating experience in local fixed-route, paratransit and special services for seniors and individuals with disabilities and broad consulting experience inform his analysis of specific issues and the provision of practical alternatives and recommendations. Long involvement with contracted services and their intended and unintended consequences allows him to assist client agencies to carry out successful procurements while his hands-on knowledge of paratransit operations, including the nuances of computerized systems, results in effective, implementable recommendations.

Prior to August 1996, Mr. Glauthier has a Principal Partner in the national transit management firm, DAVE Transportation Services, Inc. With the DAVE organization, Mr. Glauthier managed and directly participated in well over 350 consulting engagements to agencies as diverse as the Chicago Transit Authority, the Via Metro Transit in San Antonio Texas, the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Honolulu Public Transit Authority and cities throughout the Western U.S. Additionally, he served as Regional Manager with responsibility for all DAVE management contracts in Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Utah, a total of eighteen locations operating 26 public transit and paratransit contracts.

Mr. Glauthier’s recent work with AMMA includes the competitive procurement of transit management and operations services for the City of Blythe/ Palo Verde Valley Transportation Authority [CA], Call Center Planning Assistance for the Western Placer Consolidated Transportation Services Agency [Auburn CA], and Federal Grant assistance planning for the San Bernardino Association of Governments.

Mr. Glauthier has a Master Degree in Business Administration from University of California, Irvine and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA.

Public Transit Planning

Public transportation contributes to quality of life in rural and urban communities alike by providing economical alternatives for those driving alone or by expanding travel choices of those without access to a car.

AMMA’s transit service plans always seek to balance improved effectiveness and efficiencies with responsiveness to consumers’ travel needs.   With an emphasis on paratransit service planning, policy and procedure, AMMA works towards the effective integration of transportation modes that extend riders’ mobility.


  • Transit Development Plans
  • Comprehensive Operational Analyses
  • Short and Long Range Transit Plans
  • Coordinated Transportation Plans: Public Transit-Human Services
  • Intercity bus
  • Rail

Related Projects

  • California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)California Statewide Section 5311(f) Rural Intercity Bus Study
  • City of Fresno, CA – Fresno County Public Transportation Gap Analysis and Services Coordination Plan
  • City of Greensboro, North Carolina, Greensboro Transit Authority – Comprehensive Operational Analysis of ADA Complementary Paratransit Service
  • City of Visalia, California, Visalia TransitShort Range Transit Plan: Visalia Transit Dial-A-Ride and Green Line Call Center
  • Imperial County Transportation CommissionShort Range Transit Plan: Imperial County’s Seven Paratransit Programs
  • Lake County/City Area Planning Council – Lake Transit Development Plan and Marketing Plan
  • Long Beach Public Transportation Company – Dial-A-Lift Paratransit Service Operational Analysis
  • San Bernardino County Transportation Authority  (previously SANBAG)Five Year Short Range Transit Plan, Tables and Assumptions for San Bernardino County Rural Transit Providers, Morongo Basin Transit Authority and Needles Area Transit Service
  • City of Fresno, CAFresno County Public Transportation Gap Analysis and Services Coordination Plan
  • Transportation Research Board – TCRP A-21 Innovations to Improve the Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality of Public Transportation in Rural and Small Urban Areas. Published as: “TCRP Report 70: Change and Innovation at Rural and Small Urban Transit Systems”
  • Trinity County Transportation Commission – Short Range Transit Plan

AMMA has recently prepared Updates to the Coordinated Public Transit –Human Services Transportation Plans for multiple organizations, including:

  • Ventura County Transportation Commission
  • Los Angeles Metro
  • San Bernardino County Transportation Authority
  • Riverside County Transportation Commission
  • Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Calaveras Council of Governments
  • City of Fresno, CA
  • Imperial County Transportation Commission
  • Lake County / City Area Planning Council
  • Trinity County Transportation Commission
  • Tuolumne County Transportation Commission

ADA & Demand Response Operations

Now more twenty years out from the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, public transit continues to explore and re-invent strategies for providing compliant ADA service and doing so within ever-constrained resources to an increasing population.

AMMA team members have rich understanding of ADA complementary paratransit regulatory requirements and the decades of court decisions that have interpreted law and regulation. AMMA has designed cost-saving operations strategies and refined user policy and procedure to ensure efficient ADA paratransit programs and demand responsive programs that are compliant with law. ADA policy and procedure are complex and dynamic in an efficient paratransit operations environment. They must co-exist with the civil rights expectations of users.


  • ADA and demand responsive service policies and procedures
  • ADA growth management
  • ADA demand estimation / demand modeling

Related Projects

AMMA’s nuanced appreciation of these sometimes conflicting objectives has brought measurable results to client agencies…

  • City of Claremont / Pomona Valley Transportation Authority – Claremont Transit Service Assessment
  • City of Greensboro, North Carolina, Greensboro Transit Authority – Comprehensive Operational  Analysis of ADA Complementary Paratransit Service
  • City of La Mirada / Norwalk TransitDial-A-Ride Comprehensive Operations Analysis
  • City of Lawrence/University of Kansas – Coordinated Public Transportation Development Plan and ADA Paratransit Plan
  • City of Long Beach / Long Beach TransitDial-A-Lift Comprehensive Operational Analysis
  • Imperial County Transportation Commission Short Range Transit Plan for Imperial County
  • Orange County Transportation AuthorityADA Paratransit Demand Estimation and ADA Demand Management
  • Placer County Transportation Planning AgencyPlacer County Regional Dial-a-Ride Evaluation

Mobility Management / Specialized Transportation

Public transit can’t easily meet all needs and populations benefiting from the individualized nature of specialized transportation include older adults, low-income single parents, young persons seeking their first job, individuals with disabilities or newly returning veterans.

AMMA works to creatively meet consumer needs within ever constrained budgets and operational limits. Our projects often involve constructing mobility management and non-traditional transit strategies for specialized populations.  These aim to improve mobility—through a family of services—and increase access to job opportunities, schooling, health and human services and life-enhancing activities.

AMMA’s strengths include:


  • Specialized transportation
  • Human services transportation
  • Travel training
  • Senior transportation studies
  • Tribal transit

Also, please see related work on these pages:

Related Projects

  • Placer County Transportation Planning Agency – WPCTSA Call Center Planning Assistance: Health Express Trip Assignment and Buss Pass Subsidy Programs
  • Placer County Transportation Planning Agency – Short Range Transit Plan for Western Placer Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (WPCTSA)
  • City of Los Angeles, Mar Vista Community Housing Authority – Local Mobility and Transportation Needs Assessment
  • Los Angeles County Area Agency on Aging/Community and Senior ServicesDoor-to-Door and Door-through-Door Transportation Needs Assessment / Development of New Freedom and JARC Applications for County Pilot Projects 
  • North San Diego County Transit DistrictNorth San Diego County’s Full Access & Coordinated Transportation Pilot
  • Rogue Valley Transportation District – “United We Ride” Plan / Public Transit – Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan Update
  • San Diego County Department of Behavioral Health, Mental Health Services Transportation Needs Assessment