Outreach & Stakeholder Education

Effective outreach utilizes a range techniques and strategies to invite public input and educate riders and prospective riders about public transportation.

  1. Transforming public perception through consensus building is a key tool among AMMA’s capabilities. Moving people through complex and difficult decision-making processes is inherent in AMMA’s community outreach and public involvement activities.
  2. Transit-focused education is a second critical tool to inviting and encouraging new riders. AMMA’s training of riders includes travel training individual and groups of older adults, training human service agency gatekeepers in transit familiarization and developing passive travel training tools to provide support through the trip to new users.

AMMA gathers public input and uses it to inform solid project direction or to construct engaging travel training tools. AMMA uses the following mechanisms and more:


  • Focus groups
  • Rider and non-rider intercept surveys
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Consumer and agency surveys
  • Household and telephone surveys
  • Online surveys
  • Travel training for groups and individuals
  • Way-finding tools
  • Transit familiarization tools for agency staff

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