TRB Publishes Heather Menninger’s and Virginia Werly’s Travel Training Case Study

RTA-Case-StudyWe are pleased to announce that the ADA Demand Estimation Case Study written by AMMA’s Heather Menninger and RTA’s Virginia Werly was selected for publication!

“ADA Cost Savings and Increased Fixed-Route Ridership through Transit Agency-Provided Travel Training“ was published by the Transportation Research Record, Journal Volume 2419.

This paper provides a case study of Riverside Transit Agency’s Freedom to Go Travel Training Program and reports on the experience of 207 individuals with disabilities. The study focused on the training of persons with disabilities, and reported on trainees’ fixed-route use, including other outcomes associated with the reduction of ADA complementary paratransit costs. The paper discusses the import of travel training provided by transit agencies. Related opportunities are identified, as well as the ability to report actual, documented cost savings.

The abstract can be viewed here.

Congratulations Heather and Virginia and thank you for your work in promoting enhanced mobility options for all individuals!