Success with Eastern Coachella Valley TRIP

NorthShoreEastern Coachella Valley TRIP is in full swing and successfully getting residents of North Shore to jobs and work-related activities. The Transit Reimbursement Project, a program of the Independent Living Partnership, enables qualified riders to provide mileage reimbursements to volunteer drivers.

The North Shore is an isolated, rural, and agricultural region of the Salton Sea in Riverside County. Many residents are agricultural workers and need to travel long distances to work in the fields throughout the area.  Other families depend on jobs in the hospitality sector on the west side of the Coachella Valley and many of their children attend the College of the Desert Campus located in Palm Desert.  For some, the daily commute can be 36 miles each way.

Eastern Coachella Valley TRIP was anticipated to enable 24,000 rides impacting 200 jobs between November 2013 and March 2014. We are happy to report that the program completed over 37,000 rides with 264 jobs affected.

Visit the TRIP website for more information about the mileage reimbursement program.