Ray Araujo

img-staff-RayAraujoRay Araujo, the newest member of the AMMA Transit Planning team is our Veterans Transportation Specialist. Mr. Araujo’s background in the corporate arena, his analytical skill set and his dynamic personality make him a valuable part of our firm. Fluent in Spanish, Ray assists the AMMA team with fieldwork in intercept surveying and community outreach to Limited English proficient populations, as well as data analysis. His background in Computer Science makes him effective in all phases of data gathering, including the design of data entry forms, collection of data and its validation, loading of data, display of its content and finding and writing the narrative the data tells.

Mr. Araujo is a Marine Corps Veteran and served four years with 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, in Camp Pendleton, as well as deploying overseas with the 11th and 15th MEU’s. Ray’s military veteran background has been instrumental in providing guidance and assistance, with veteran projects and outreach, on such projects like the Veterans Transportation Initiative One-Click/One-Call, in San Bernardino and Riverside, and the Veterans and Community Living Initiative Project for Los Angeles METRO.

His supervisory experience ranges from filling the role of regional manager, in the financial sector, with support staff and over a dozen brokers under him, to small team environments where he exhibited leadership, tact and decisiveness. Mr. Araujo’s experience in intercultural communications, coupled with his Spanish fluency, allows him to engage and communicate effectively not just on veteran’s projects but with project’s involving many different cultures.

In addition to his work with AMMA, Ray is currently pursuing a Computer Science degree from San Jacinto Community College.