Mervin Acebo

img-staff-MervinAceboMervin Acebo began his career with AMMA in 2000 and has assisted the company intermittently since that time. Since 2001, he has worked at several public agencies including Omnitrans, the Riverside Transit Agency, and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). When employed at SCAG, his experience in public transportation allowed him to assist transit operators in Southern California. He was responsible for ensuring that SCAG was compliant with the federal rules and regulations as it pertains to regional planning and programming. He was also responsible for assisting transit agencies in receiving federal funds from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

More recent assignment at SCAG included the allocating formula funds in multi-county urbanized areas. He developed a process for ensuring that federal funds would not lapse. In addition to his regulatory experience, Mr. Acebo was instrumental in the planning, design, and construction of several transit centers in the San Bernardino Valley and responsible for submitting federal, state, and local grant applications for the Riverside Transit Agency.