LTA Board Approves Driver Wage Increase after AMMA Study

IMG_2335_1024AMMA’s most recently concluded project, a driver wage and benefit survey of 20 agencies, resulted in positive news: the Lake Transit Authority’s Board of Directors voted to raise wages for its contracted Paratransit Services employees by 8.16 percent.

This survey effort included cultivating a list of peer California transit agencies based on comparable population sizes, proximity to Lake County, and similar topographical characteristics. This group of 20 agencies responded to a survey of 26-questions about system characteristics comparable to Lake Transit characteristics that could impact wage and benefit packages. The survey also included detailed questions about driver wages and driver benefits, including sick and vacation leave, healthcare and retirement.

Analysis of the survey results revealed that Lake Transit’s experience is consistently below the median wages for contracted drivers–both part-time and full-time–and substantially lower than the comparable numbers for in-house transit drivers. Additionally, Lake Transit policies of driver wage rates and benefit packages are below their peers on almost every measure.

Presented with this data, the Board unanimously approved the wage increase, as detailed in this Record-Bee article. Lake Transit is now awaiting final Caltrans approval.

AMMA is proud to have conducted this effort and grateful to the 20 participating peer agencies. Congratulations to the Paratransit Services Drivers!