Inland Southern California One-Call/One-Click logo

The Inland Southern California One-Call/One-Click logo is coming soon! Watch for the new logo and branding of this VTCLI (Veterans Transportation- Community Living Project) which is developing strongly with United Way 2-1-1  of San Bernardino County and Omnitrans as lead agencies; other partners include the Loma Linda Veterans Medical Center, the public transit operators of both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, San Bernardino Associated Governments, V-Trans and Riverside County Transportation Commission. AMMA is responsible for the regular convening of the Project’s Steering Committee which was joined last month by Chris Zeilinger of Community Transportation Association of America/ National Center for Coordinated Transportation. The new logo and its accompanying “widget” will be used to help market the project’s One-Click page which will be operational by early spring 2013. The One-Call dimension of the project is already operational through United Way 2-1-1 and a full-time veterans’ specialist who provides transportation and other information to veterans who call. The San Bernardino and Riverside area is anticipated to be third in the nation in receiving new veterans, returning from active duty in Afghanistan and elsewhere.