Ellen Blackman

Ellen Blackman has more than 20 years of experience focusing on transportation for older adults and persons with disabilities. For two years she developed a new transportation program for older adults in the greater Santa Monica area. A major part of this project-development involved community outreach and presentations to large and small groups of older adults discussing the new program and other forms of transportation available for older adults. Earlier, as a Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority employee, she initiated agency funding for the “Seniors on the Move” transit-orientation program and worked with the Los Angeles County Commission on Aging Transportation Committee in the early development of the program. In addition, she led local reviews of Section 5310 applications, provided technical assistance to agency staff on accessibility requirements, and made presentations on transportation options for seniors and persons with disabilities at workshops and meetings of these groups. She also participated on the Los Angeles County Long Term Care Coordinating Council, serving as co-chair of the Transportation Work Group. Ms. Blackman has also served as the ADA representative on Metro’s Technical Advisory Committee.

As a consultant, Ms. Blackman has assisted agencies in the preparation of applications for federal funding for capital and operating grants for transportation of older adults and persons with disabilities, participated in the development of public transit-human service transportation coordination plans, and conducted research on information needs of persons with vision disabilities using public transportation.

Ms. Blackman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Riverside and a Master of Arts in Political Science from Northwestern University.

Ms. Blackman was a lead trainer during AMMA Transit Planning’s three-year management of LA Metro’s Seniors on the Move travel training program. Surveys completed by participants a month after attending a training revealed that 71% of individuals reported at least some transit usage, with 46% of those responding reporting this as more than pre‐workshop.