Vet Link Widget Connects to a Veterans’ Transportation Portal

logo-vetlinkThe Inland Southern California One-Call/One-Click project is using its new Vet Link logo and brand as a widget to aide veterans and their family members in locating available transportation services within the 27,000 square mile region of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Funded under the Federal Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI), this is the first phase of the One-Click effort. The widget can be easily placed onto participating stakeholders’ websites and creates a hotlink to the website where a page on Veterans transportation resources exists.  Although all five of the public transit operators in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are on Google Transit, its trip planner capabilities only provide fixed-route transit information.  There are other demand response and specialized transportation programs in the region that can assist veterans in getting to where they need to go and the IE511 page helps to identify those.

The second phase of this project will be an expanded Veterans Transportation Portal with trip search capabilities, hosed by the United Way 2-1-1 which is the lead organization in this VTCLI project.  AMMA Transit Planning provides leadership and direction to the project’s Steering Group, meeting quarterly at the Loma Linda VA Medical Center since late in 2011.

IE 511’s Veterans Transportation page, can be visited by clicking here.

AMMA Launches Title VI Technical Assistance


AMMA launched its Title VI technical assistance role on behalf of CalACT and Caltrans starting with a presentation at CalACT’s 2013 Spring Expo and Conference, set in stunning Truckee, CA.

Heather Menninger and Valerie Sedig’s CalACT presentation—and AMMA’s Title VI technical assistance—focuses on the requirements for small urban and rural public transit providers, those agencies operating less than 50 vehicles and located in an urbanized zone with a population of less than 200,000.

Our engaged and participatory audience helped develop a list of topics and questions to address at our upcoming Title VI webinar, hosted by CalACT and is tentatively scheduled for July, 2013.

Also forthcoming, is a Title VI page on CalACT’s website, which will provide AMMA’s Title VI presentation, Title VI FAQ’s, and other resources and tools AMMA is preparing to guide transit providers in developing their own Title VI programs.

Kern County Coordinated Plan Outreach

AMMA recently concluded a three-day intensive outreach effort in Kern County as part of updating its Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan. AMMA is under contract with Kern Council of Governments to update the Coordinated Plan, which was originally developed in 2006-2007.

This outreach effort was agency-based and included meeting with representatives of agencies that serve individuals with disabilities, older adults, veterans, homeless individuals, and persons of low-income. An e-survey was also widely advertised to solicit agency input about these groups’ needs.

The Kern County Homeless Collaborative graciously hosted AMMA’s outreach team during their visit for a special meeting to discuss the transportation needs and concerns of their consumers. Read the full story of that content-driven meeting here.

AMMA to Provide Title VI Technical Assistance to Small Urban and Rural Providers

AMMA Transit PlaCalACT caltrans logosnning will now provide Title VI technical assistance to small urban and rural public transportation providers as part of CalACT’s Rural Transportation Assistance Program on behalf of Caltrans. AMMA will focus its Title VI technical assistance efforts on public transit providers that operate less 50 or more fixed route vehicles in peak service and are not located in an Urbanized Area of 200,000 or more in population. As recipients of federal funding, public transportation providers must comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which ensures that all persons in the United States are not excluded from, denied services or benefits on the grounds of race, color, or national origin.

AMMA is currently preparing Title VI Programs for two of San Bernardino County’s rural transit providers, the Morongo Basin Transit Authority and Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority. In addition to developing the Title VI programs and corresponding procedures, AMMA is preparing Language Assistance Plans and Public Participation Plans for these agencies.

AMMA will build on this background to assist additional public transportation providers throughout the state. AMMA’s Title VI technical assistance will include orienting providers with where and how to start, developing templates and tools; compiling resources; and prepping providers to regularly monitor and update their plans

The Title VI planning process is a natural outgrowth of AMMA’s years of expertise in pro-active outreach, coordination, careful research and attention to analytics.

AMMA will begin this new role with a presentation in May at CalACT’s Spring Conference and Expo, followed by webinars in June.

Bus Service to the North Shore Approved

20130424_170054 A true success was realized today when the RCTC (Riverside County Transportation Commission) Board approved an expansion to SunLine’s service to provide transportation options to the rural communities of the Salton Sea.

Funded by a JARC (Job Access and Reverse Commute) grant, passenger fares, and local matching funds, this two year expansion of SunLine’s bus service will enable residents on the North Shore of the Salton Sea to travel by bus to Mecca, Thermal, Coachella and Indio, and enable connections to other Coachella Valley locations.  These 4,000+ North Shore residents are currently ten miles from the nearest SunLine stop.

AMMA played a key role in bringing the “right folks to the table”  – through the Coordinated Transportation-Human Services Plan process.   We are pleased that new mobility options will now exist for this otherwise isolated community, an example of what true coordination can realize.

Click here to read the official press release.

Improved Transportation Services for North Shore Residents Nears Final Approval

North Shore residents, community leaders and organizers are celebrating the news of a nearly approved transportation program that will provide desperately needed connections to communities and major centers in the Coachella Valley.  AMMA led project-development discussions for this service in 2012 during the process of updating the Riverside County Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan on behalf of the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC). AMMA’s and RCTC’s public workshops and meetings brought together the residents, organizers and key transit agencies to begin development of this service.

The proposed weekday bus service will consist of five round-trips between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., connecting rural North Shore not only to the nearest bus route 10 miles away, but to additional destinations in Indio, Coachella and beyond.

This service will be possible through Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) grant funds RCTC will set aside for SunLine Transit Agency, pending full RCTC Board approval on April 10.

Click here to read Supervisor John J. Benoit’s press release about the proposed service and the coordination that made it possible.

Inland Southern California One-Call/One-Click logo

The Inland Southern California One-Call/One-Click logo is coming soon! Watch for the new logo and branding of this VTCLI (Veterans Transportation- Community Living Project) which is developing strongly with United Way 2-1-1  of San Bernardino County and Omnitrans as lead agencies; other partners include the Loma Linda Veterans Medical Center, the public transit operators of both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, San Bernardino Associated Governments, V-Trans and Riverside County Transportation Commission. AMMA is responsible for the regular convening of the Project’s Steering Committee which was joined last month by Chris Zeilinger of Community Transportation Association of America/ National Center for Coordinated Transportation. The new logo and its accompanying “widget” will be used to help market the project’s One-Click page which will be operational by early spring 2013. The One-Call dimension of the project is already operational through United Way 2-1-1 and a full-time veterans’ specialist who provides transportation and other information to veterans who call. The San Bernardino and Riverside area is anticipated to be third in the nation in receiving new veterans, returning from active duty in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

AMMA leads Riverside’s Call for Projects

AMMA will lead the Riverside County Transportation Commissions’s Call for Projects Workshop on December 3rd, inviting projects from across Riverside County that address transportation needs identified in the County’s 2012 Update to the Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Coordinated Plan, also prepared by AMMA. Projects are due back to the Commission by January 8, 2013.

Visit the RCTC website for more information.

AMMA Transit Planning at CASTA Workshop

AMMA participated in a CASTA Transit Workshop in Denver, Colorado in November 2012. We love sharing ideas and keeping current on the latest transit research and trends. View our flyer.

CASTA is Colorado’s statewide trade association for transit providers, vendors, government agencies and other interested organizations. Its 120 members include over 70 transit agencies from across Colorado, ranging from large and small urban transit agencies to rural transit agencies and includes non-profit agencies as well as local and regional government entities.

CASTA also promotes development, operation and enhancement of safe and effective public transit and works closely with many different stakeholders including local, state, and federal legislators.

When you work with AMMA, you can count on the fact that we cast our net widely for the best ideas out there, and are bringing you the latest and greatest strategies and analysis techniques.