Caltrans Offers Rave Reviews on RCTC’s Coordinated Plan Update

The reviews are in…and they are singing praises.

Riverside County’s 2012 Public Transit-Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan Update was recently reviewed by Caltrans’ Division of Mass Transportation (DMT) as part of their preparation for an impending in preparation for a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) audit this fall.

Caltrans DMT Office Chief, Jila Priebe, wrote that “Caltrans is pleased with the outcome of RCTC’s 2012 Coordinated Plan Update…”

Additional Caltrans remarks included, “This document exceeds minimum expectations for coordinated plans…RCTC has done an excellent job articulating the existing state of transportation in areas served and for populations served. The 2012 Coordinated Plan Update reflects a candid and comprehensive assessment of the region’s needs and offers realistic strategies for meeting specified priorities.”

AMMA is pleased to have developed this plan on behalf of RCTC (Riverside County Transportation Commission) and is proud to continue working with RCTC on their specialized transit program.

AMMA is currently authoring Coordinated Plan Updates for various California Counties, as well as in counties in Arizona and Oregon. Learn more about AMMA’s coordinated transportation planning by clicking here.

Riverside County Coordinated Plan Update and the original 2008 Coordinated are available on RCTC’s website.