AMMA Launches Title VI Technical Assistance


AMMA launched its Title VI technical assistance role on behalf of CalACT and Caltrans starting with a presentation at CalACT’s 2013 Spring Expo and Conference, set in stunning Truckee, CA.

Heather Menninger and Valerie Sedig’s CalACT presentation—and AMMA’s Title VI technical assistance—focuses on the requirements for small urban and rural public transit providers, those agencies operating less than 50 vehicles and located in an urbanized zone with a population of less than 200,000.

Our engaged and participatory audience helped develop a list of topics and questions to address at our upcoming Title VI webinar, hosted by CalACT and is tentatively scheduled for July, 2013.

Also forthcoming, is a Title VI page on CalACT’s website, which will provide AMMA’s Title VI presentation, Title VI FAQ’s, and other resources and tools AMMA is preparing to guide transit providers in developing their own Title VI programs.