Veterans Specialists Now in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties


Riverside County 2-1-1, administered by Community Connect, welcomes its first Veterans Specialist to the team! Miguel Duran, a Marine Veteran, is the second of two Veteran Specialists to be installed as part of VetLink, the Inland Southern California One-Call/One-Click Project.

Osvaldo Maysonet,┬áMr. Duran’s counterpart in San Bernardino–and also a Marine Veteran–has been working as the Veterans Specialist at Inland Empire 2-1-1 since the summer of 2012.

Mr. Duran and Mr. Maysonet are part of VetLink’s efforts to improve access to and information about transportation options for Veterans, their families, and the broader military community. More about this VTCLI project can be found here.

AMMA is pleased to welcome both to the team and the transit community!

AMMA and CalACT to Host Title VI Webinar

August 21, 2013 at 10 am, AMMA will be offering a Title VI Development Webinar. This webinar is hosted by CalACT (California Associated for Coordinated Transportation) and is part of AMMA’s Title VI Technical Assistance role on behalf of CalACT and Caltrans.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss all the Title VI requirements for small urban and rural transit providers operating less than 50 vehicles and not located in an urbanized zone with a population of 200,0000.

The deadline for Title VI programs is approaching–this webinar will be a perfect opportunity to help kickstart your agency’s process!

The webinar will run 10 am to 12 pm PDT on August 21, 2013. Register here. More information is also available at CalACT’s website.