Valerie Mackintosh

img-staff-ValerieSedigMs. Mackintosh is a writer and public outreach facilitator with experience in qualitative thinking and community involvement from a range of technical and service backgrounds. She brings cultural competency and sensitivity to AMMA’s public participation work with diverse and vulnerable populations. Her strong analytic skills and attention to the value of procedures serve her well in developing Title VI programs for smaller transit program across the state, assisting transit providers and human services agencies with FTA grant Processes and developing policy and procedure manuals. Additional responsibilities of Ms. Mackintosh include assisting in the preparation, writing and production of specialized transportation reports; facilitating and presenting at senior travel training workshops; public outreach efforts, including stakeholder interviews and consumer surveys; management and analysis of data; planning and coordinating meetings; assisting in production of proposals; and administrative support for clients such as San Bernardino Associated Governments and Riverside County Transportation Commission.

For the past year, Ms. Mackintosh has been responsible for providing Title VI technical assistance and support to transit providers and human service agencies throughout the state as part of Caltrans’ Rural Transit Assistance Program. This included developing templates and “how-to” guides, participating in multiple state-wide webinars and workshops, and developing the program model for small agencies. With the AMMA team, Ms. Mackintosh has developed compliant Title VI Programs for six transit providers in California and assisted on programs for multiple human service and non profit agencies.

Ms. Mackintosh graduated in 2008 from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts in World Literature and Cultural Studies. She was awarded Phi Beta Kappa, college honors, and honors in the major. Her undergraduate studies included studying at PUC in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. In 2011, Ms. Mackintosh received a Certificate in Public Involvement in Transportation Decisionmaking from the National Transit Institute. She received her MFA in Writing at the University of San Francisco in December 2014.

Dennis Brooks

Dennis Brooks brings to AMMA his strengths of qualitative analysis and strategic thinking and planning. His deliberative focus lends to much of AMMA’s project development and financial planning. Mr. Brooks’ organizational capabilities involve understanding and translating conceptual ideas into approachable visuals. He also provides considerable insight and experience to AMMA’s work with transit operations such as scheduling, dispatching and vehicle deployment developed through four years working for a magazine wholesaler. Managing a regional distribution network, Mr. Brooks’ responsibilities included the supervision of daily routing, delivery and sales functions, across the four-county Los Angeles basin.

AMMA staff since 2007, Mr. Brooks provides critical support and management for various projects and clients related to coordinated and specialized transportation. His responsibilities include compilation and statistical analysis of financial and operational data; needs assessments; creation of demand estimates; construction, maintenance, and analysis of extensive databases; and assisting in preparation and production of transportation related documents such as bid proposals, inventory surveys, and final transit reports. Some AMMA projects and clients include San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG), Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA), Loc Angeles County Area Agency on Aging (AAA), Los Angeles Metro, Access Services Inc. (ASI), Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA), San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG).

Mr. Brooks’ professional accomplishments include: growing Aubry Magazine’s account base in Orange County by 25% in one year, including establishing 70 new accounts within nine months; acquiring Life Insurance and structural pest control licenses from the State of California; and awarded Top Retail Manager nationwide while District Retail Manager for Distribution Services, Inc.

Mr. Brooks has completed the Transit Management Certificate Program through University of the Pacific and several National Transit Institute training courses, including cost allocation workshops. Further studies include computer aided business administration and general education coursework.

Heather Menninger

With more than twenty years of experience, Heather Menninger is familiar with all aspects of implementing transit service improvements with particular emphasis on community-level transit programs for small urban and rural settings. She has published various papers, including two in the Transportation Research Record regarding paratransit demand estimation, and on innovation in rural and small urban settings with the Transit Cooperative Research Program.

As a sole proprietor, Ms. Menninger brings professional evaluation, problem-solving skills and expertise to analysis and evaluation of public transit programs, both large and small, having led numerous countywide planning initiatives. Ms. Menninger has served as a project manager for: comprehensive operations analyses for rural and small urban transit; transit development plans; strategic, long-range and countywide transit planning; performance assessment of transit programs; coordinated transportation planning; senior transportation and non-emergency medical transportation planning studies; human service transportation evaluation studies; Americans with Disabilities Act trip modeling, planning and service design; staffing of mandated advisory groups; transit performance measurement, monitoring and reporting; telecommute needs assessments; and contracted staff assistance to regional transportation planning agencies.

Ms. Menninger holds three degrees, a Bachelors of Arts in American Studies from Hampshire College, a Master in Management of Human Services from Brandeis University, as well as a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from California State Polytechnic University at Pomona.

Ms. Menninger’s resume is available here.

Technical Assistance & Training

Technical Assistance & Training

Having worked with dozens of transit properties, in urbanized, small urban or rural settings and with decades of diverse consulting engagements, the AMMA team is able to provide support and assistance around an array of needs. AMMA’s variety of support services facilitate agency aims, helping to get more trips to more people through well-trained staff, clear procedures and effective public processes.

AMMA is well qualified to assist transit agencies, transportation commissions, human services agencies, and county governments and other public agencies with:


Related Projects

AMMA Transit Planning at CASTA Workshop

AMMA participated in a CASTA Transit Workshop in Denver, Colorado in November 2012. We love sharing ideas and keeping current on the latest transit research and trends. View our flyer.

CASTA is Colorado’s statewide trade association for transit providers, vendors, government agencies and other interested organizations. Its 120 members include over 70 transit agencies from across Colorado, ranging from large and small urban transit agencies to rural transit agencies and includes non-profit agencies as well as local and regional government entities.

CASTA also promotes development, operation and enhancement of safe and effective public transit and works closely with many different stakeholders including local, state, and federal legislators.

When you work with AMMA, you can count on the fact that we cast our net widely for the best ideas out there, and are bringing you the latest and greatest strategies and analysis techniques.

Active Transportation Program


Active Transportation Program

The Active Transportation Program (ATP) encourages increased use of active modes of transportation, such as biking and walking. This program is consistent with AMMA’s dedication to improve mobility for all individuals, ensure access for disadvantaged communities, and enhance public health.

AMMA’s team of grant writers has a proven track record of developing successful ATP grant applications by demonstrating the project’s benefits through developing compelling narrative and thorough data analysis. For ATP Cycle 2, AMMA prepared nine applications on behalf of Los Angeles Metro and nine sponsor entities. Five of AMMA’s nine ATP applications were successful and will be receiving Federal and State ATP funds, for a success rate of over 55%, compared to a 14% selection rate for the overall statewide application pool.Developing these ATP applications includes:

  • Mastering evolving Caltrans scoring criteria, new application forms and application guidelines
  • Working with street and road design, bicycle improvements and pedestrian enhancements to accurately describe and communicate each proposals’ strengths and to create the best competitive package possible
  • Supporting public engagement activities that help to ensure a strong application
  • Communicating the safety impacts of pedestrian and bicycle improvements
  • Capturing the regional benefit and accurately estimating demand in completing missing links of bikeway
  • Collecting and inputing data for Cost/Benefit Model
  • Coordinating with public health entities to identify benefits and secure health department support

AMMA can assist by:

  • Grant writing and grant assistance
  • Community outreach
  • Technical assistance and training

Related Projects:

    • Los Angeles MetroCaltrans Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 2 Grant Development and Grant Assistance 

AMMA’s successful ATP grant applications include:

(1) City of Arcadia Bicycle and Facility Improvements;

(2) City of Lancaster 10th Street West Road Diet and Bikeway Improvements;

(3) City of La Verne Regional Bicycle Gap Closure Project;

(4) City of Los Angeles Orange Line Sherman Way Pedestrian Links;

(5) City of Lynwood Community Linkages to Civic Center and Long Beach Boulevard Metro Station.

John Johnson

John Johnson has worked with AMMA since 2005, more than six years of experiences together to refine GIS tools that will inform transit and specialized transportation planning activities. Since 1999 he has been the owner and operator of GIS Workshop, providing technical support regarding mapping service areas while specializing in the development of custom geographic information system (GIS) solutions. He has been particularly helpful in cases involving Senior Mobility and adult day health care programs where understanding service areas graphically can be revealing of gaps and duplication of services.

Mr. Johnson holds a Bachelors of Arts in Geography from the University of British Columbia, a Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon and a Master of Business Administration from the University of California, Irvine.

Recent collaboration with AMMA includes conducting research and data analysis of demographic information developing GIS maps of the nine county Bay Area as part of MTC’s Coordinated Plan Update process.

Title VI Technical Assistance and Support


Title VI Technical Assistance & Support

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, although a long-standing protection for individuals and a requirement for transit providers, is now receiving more attention. All agencies and organizations receiving FTA funds are required to develop and implement a Title VI Program compliant with October 2012 regulatory changes.

Since 2013, AMMA assisted many agencies with fewer than 50 vehicles in developing and implementing their Title VI programs. As part of Caltrans’ RTAP (Rural Transportation Assistance Program), AMMA also trained agencies across California and has constructed a program model for small agencies to craft their own Title VI Programs. AMMA is currently supporting transit properties in “embracing” their Title VI program, to aid in preparing Title VI Program updates and in ongoing compliance with Title VI requirements for public transit.

AMMA can assist by:

  • Writing your Title VI program
  • Writing your Title VI Program triennial update
  • Providing Title VI technical assistance
  • Conducting Title VI trainings and workshops
  • Guiding Title VI implementation

Recent experience with Title VI:

  • Developed fully compliant programs for rural and isolated transit systems, such as Needles Area Transit, and urban agencies, such as the City of Downey, in California and Southern California MPO’s.
  • Developed Title VI self-guided program model for agencies with fewer than 50 vehicles
  • Developed templates and “how-to” worksheets
  • Led development workshops and development webinars on behalf of Caltrans
  • Provided technical assistance for multiple human service transportation providers and 5310 agencies

Contact us to learn how AMMA can assist your organization with its Title VI process.